0.8.1Added mixer switches that pan input stereo channels individually.
0.8.0Enabled to select N/A as the main output device.
0.8.0Enabled to select output devices of which sample rates are other than 44100 Hz.
0.8.0Added 4 steps as encoding sample rate, 48000 Hz through 96000 Hz.
0.8.0Enabled to change the system internal sample rate.
0.7.5Added AAC encoding format (Core Audio AAC Codec).
0.7.5Changed 3 steps to 8 in the sample rate value of encoding configuration.
0.7.5Changed 10 steps to 11 in the quality level value of encoding configuration.
0.7.4Changed fader curves of input and output volumes, marked with major scale at -infinit dB and 0dB.
0.7.3Fixed a bug unavailable to connect with any blank connection data field.
0.7.2Added submission of information about encoding sample rate and number of channels.
0.7.2Improved handling of unavailable devices.
0.7.1Fixed a bug in network communication recovery.
0.7.1Fixed wrong submission of description field, that referred genre.
0.7.0Discontinued "thru" function.
0.7.0Added auxiliary output to the mixer which has now 3In/2Out/2Bus components.
0.7.0Added AppleScript interface to set stream metadata song information.
0.7.0Added preferences window to change audio sample frame length.
0.7.0Improved network connection processing.
0.6.2Added recovery process against illegal state in network communications and modified related messages.